• Loïc Apard and Johanna Ehlert work together since 1999, particularly for La Monstrueuse Parade of the company Remise à 9. Matthieu Siefridt joins them in 2005 for the collective creation of the show Court-Miracles. The three of them take part, as co-authors, of this collective creation with Lucie Boulay and Christian Coumin. Altogether, they set up Le Boustrophédon in 2006. After more than 500 shows in France, Europe and abroad, Court-Miracles continues touring nowadays. Further to this collaboration, Johanna Ehlert, Matthieu Siefirdt and Loïc Apard follow their artistic approach with [hullu] and then settle Blick Théâtre. Dominique Habouzit replacement of Loïc at Court-Miracles, enters the company as co-author.
    Their previous shows tackle subjects such as monstrosity, the way other perceive us, the difference and human behaviour in extreme situations like war offering a tender and non-judgmental view of human nature.

    Loïc Apard has worked as youth leader and teacher for special needs and disabled persons. He has follow the circus arts training at the École du Cirque of Brussels and at the Centre of Circus Arts Le Lido in Toulouse.

    Johanna Ehlert came from Germany to France to study circus training at the Centre des Arts du Cirque Le Lido in Toulouse. She has afterwards broaden her skills in wardrobe, masks and puppetry design and also puppets manipulation and operation with various masters.

    Dominique Habouzit has follow the circus acting path at Centre des Arts du Cirque Le Lido in Toulouse and he has then trained as well with masters of clowning arts such as Christophe Thellier and Michel Dallaire. Oriented towards theatrical writing, he discovered stage direction with Solange Oswald from the company Merci. He is a comedian, stage director and educator.

    Matthieu Siefridt acquires theatre, circus, dance, mime, mask and clowning arts skills through his professional life. Comedian, acrobat and stunt man at Carnage Productions and Pipototal, street theatre companies, he has also experience mentoring many different kind of groups.